Windows on my iPad via Parallels 6

After dismissing the nag screen once again, I decided that I would upgrade my Parallels installation to version 6.

I generally don’t have problems with Parallels on my Mac, but thought that the performance improvements would be nice. I also want to try out the iPhone/iPad App and see if that would allow me to access a Java application that I need to use for work.

It was pretty easy to set up, requiring a login of my Parallels account on both the Mac and the iPad. And though Windows 7 is not designed for a touch interface, at least if needed I can access Windows through my iPad!

The key test will be over wifi outside my home network and over 3G. In the olden days in my previous job, I would VPN into my office network and use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to connect to my office PC when I was out on the road with my (then) PowerBook. Use to do that to find old e-mails and files. Also used the VPN so I could watch BBC News on the website when I was on a trip to Finland.

Now I have a fast broadband connection at home I hope that I will find less latency problems that I had with the VPN and RDC method.

One side effect of the installation was finding out the number of virtual machines on my iMac. More than I thought I had, so a fair few were culled.

Will use it a little more and see what improvements there are with version 6.

Preferring Parallels

The more I use Parallels the more I prefer it over rebooting into Boot Camp. From a speed perspective I know that Boot Camp has to be “faster” however for most things I do on Windows, virtualization is usually sufficient.

I am sure that part of this is that my new 27″ iMac with 8GB of RAM is now fast enough to support what I do in OS X and run Parallels at the same time. With my older iMac I would normally run Parallels, but would avoid doing too much else on OS X as it would be rather slow. The new iMac is so much more powerful and faster.

I am in the main using Windows 7, though now and again I do boot into Windows XP.

If you are using Boot Camp, I would recommend you give Parallels a go.

Boot Camp Done

Installed new Boot Camp drivers on iMac. Windows 7 now working a treat.

Realty easy to install. However it was huge… 381MB is one big download.

Well my wireless keyboard and mouse now work.

Windows 7 on a 27” i7 iMac – Update now available.

Released today.

Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Windows 32 bit

This update adds support for Microsoft Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate), addresses issues with the Apple trackpad, turns off the red digital audio port LED on laptop computers when it is not being used, and supports the Apple wireless keyboard and Apple Magic mouse.

This update is highly recommended for all Boot Camp 3.0 users.

Installing now….

Okay… 381MB

Downloading now…

Installing, shall we say day after tomorrow!

Where’s my keyboard?

So I have installed Windows 7 on my iMac, despite not having the proper Boot Camp drivers. It did eventually install, however lacking the proper drivers is causing me a few issues.

Notably though I can use the wireless keyboard and mouse to log on to Windows, once logged in, the iMac under Windows 7 decides that it can no longer see the keyboard and mouse. So the only solution is to plug in an USB keyboard and mouse. The thing is that the OS can see the keyboard and mouse, it’s just that they don’t function!

The other problem is with the audio drivers.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before Apple release proper Boot Camp drivers for Windows 7.