Windows on a Mac

If you want to run Windows on an Intel Mac there are basically four choices.

Boot Camp

This is an either or situation, which means you are running Windows or OS X, therefore if you want to change applications you need to reboot.

Has the advantage that you are when running Windows for all intents purposes your mac is a Windows PC. This means that you get the full power of your Mac for running Windows.

You need a licensed copy of Windows XP *SP2* or Windows Vista

Comes as part of Leopard, so if you have Tiger you will need to upgrade.

Parallels and VMFusion

These applications create virtual Windows PCs, which allow you to run Windows (and Windows applications) at the same time as OS X and therefore you can switch between them withoout needing to reboot. There is a slight performance hit when running Windows in this way but for most people this is negligible. Also you will need a lot of RAM to run these, at leat 1GB and preferably 2GB of RAM.

Coherence mode on Parallels allows you to run Windows applications seamlessly alongside Mac applications.

Both require a Windows licence, but doesn’t need to be SP2, with Parallels you can even install and run Windows 3.1! Parallels XP support is excellent, however support for Vista is less good, so you can’t use things like Aero for example.


Allows you to run Windows applications (some but not all) within OS X and you don’t need a Windows licence as you don’t install Windows.

Downside is that it doesn’t work with all applications.



Therefore there are four choices when it comes to running Windows on a Mac. Which is best? Well that depends much more on your needs when it comes to running Windows.

Duplicate Bookmarks

For some reason when my iMac today synced my bookmarks (via .mac) it added all my bookmarks again to Safari, so I had duplicates of every bookmark both on the menu bar and in the bookmarks themselves.

No idea why .mac decided that I needed to add all my bookmarks again.

This is (I have found) one of the problems with maintaining multiple bookmarks across computers.

I can add a bookmark on the iMac, it will sync, be added to my .mac bookmarks and then be synced to the PowerBook. As it should be.

But there have been times when I have changed as in updated a bookmark on the PowerBook and in theory this should update back, but I have found later that .mac has synced the old book mark back again.

Though what happened today is very weird. I will probably need to do a manual sync to replace all the duplicated bookmarks with a single copy from .mac.

Well that was a nice surprise

Back in August I purchased Parallels Desktop for Mac from the Apple store in Birmingham in the UK.

You can imagine my disappointment when I installed an ran it that it offered me a £29.99 upgrade to version 3.0!

There was no easy (or cheap) way to return the software to the Apple store, so I left it thinking I had been ripped off!

So I just cancelled the “offer” and continued to use Parallels.

Today I ran Parallels for the first time in ages and up popped the offer. This time I clicked the link and guess what?

I found that if you have purchased Parallels after 1st May 2007 you are entitled to a free upgrade to version 3.0.

This I am very pleased with.

3G N73 Mac Internet

A guide on how to connect a Mac to enable it to use 3G Nokia N73 as a Bluetooth modem.

Connecting a Mac to the internet via Vodafone 3G and Bluetooth enabled Nokia N73

This guide takes you through the process on a Mac (running Tiger 10.4) and on a Nokia N73 phone and enables you to connect via a Bluetooth connection to the Nokia N73 and use the phone’s 3G data connection for internet access.

Nokia N73

This guide may also be useful to people with other phones and 3G accounts with other providers.