Bing adds visual search, Google Flips

BBC reports

Software giant Microsoft has introduced “visual search” to its Bing search engine to try to further set itself apart from market-leader Google.

and in other news

Google has unveiled a service called Fast Flip to let users consume news more quickly and to boost the flagging fortunes of the news industry.

The product is designed to mirror the way readers flick through magazines and newspapers.

Now you don’t need to read the news online anymore, you can just look at the pictures!

Seadragon Mobile

In an interesting move, Microsoft Labs have released an application for the iPhone.


Seadragon is designed to provide next-generation visual experiences, regardless of the size of the screen, size of the file or speed of your network. It’s already available on a number of platforms, including Microsoft Surface, and in Photosynth and Silverlight. Now we’re bringing that same graphical smoothness right to the iPhone in your pocket.

Probably the best way to describe it, as a Google Maps but for any large scale image.

Find out more.

Download the app from the iTunes Store.

Microsoft to offer free security

BBC reports on Microsoft’s new free security offering.

In a surprise move, Microsoft has announced it will offer a free anti-virus and security solution from the second half of next year.

The new software, code-named Morro, will be a no-frills program suited to smaller and less powerful computers.

Okay, it’s old, but still funny…

I was reminded of this amusing Microsoft iPod branding video which was leaked.

Still funny.

Though if you look at the Zune, they did learn their lesson.

Microsoft to move into social bookmarking

According to Mashable, Microsoft will be moving into social bookmarking.

According to Microsoft Evangalist John Martin, the company is set to release a product called “Social Bookmarks” this week. The product sounds a whole lot like, and will initially be deployed on MSDN and TechNet, so look for it to be mostly hardcore techie bookmarks for now. Features include bookmarking (presumably via a bookmarklet), tagging, and a web-based account where your bookmarks are stored.

Social bookmarking as seen on sites such as, Digg and Stumbleupon allow users to collect (or bookmark) their favourite sites online and share those bookmarks with their friends and others.Microsoft to move into social bookmarking