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After running my tech blog for many years using iBlog I have decided to move over to WordPress. I have been using WordPress for my new(ish) food blog and have been impressed with the ease of use and the “interoperability” with the Web 2.0 world.

I suspect though the main reason for moving over is a current problem I have with iBlog, in that I have had to reset the blog and republishing is taking days…

Also iBlog been an application (and a PPC Mac application at that) restricts  me to updating to one machine only and I expect to retire that computer as my day to day computer in the next six months.

I am hoping though that I can “import” my previous blog entries, and I certainly won’t be deleting the old blog so those entries will remain online.

Send Keynote to YouTube

One of the features of Keynote that I have always liked is the ability to save a presentation as a movie file. As once a movie file it can be converted in many different ways.

In version 4.0 of Keynote (part of iWork ’08) you can now send your presentation direct to YouTube.

Send Keynote to YouTube

This avoids the need to export the file and then upload to YouTube, you can upload direct to YouTube quickly and easily.

I’ve not yet tried it, but I can see after attending a conference I could upload my presentation and then embed it into my blog or the organisers could embed into their website. It also avoids the problems that you can have with Keynote files as not everyone has Keynote and even if you export as PowerPoint, not everyone has PowerPoint.

Ssshhh, Wispa

Oh what’s this?


Yes it is a Cadbury Wispa!

I thought these had been discarded to the litter bin in the sky where all old chocolate bars go when they are replaced by new funky chocolate bars.

Probably a limited edition.

Buy hey it’s a Wispa bar!

Remember this…