That’s that then… Instagram bought by Facebook

Yesterday, Instagram announced that they had been bought by Facebook. Though they indicated that it would be “business as usual” for Instagram, do we really think that this is going to happen.

And so it begins... #fote11Generally whenever Apple, Google or Facebook buy another company that runs a particular service, they run it for a year or so and then either integrate aspects of it into their service or not… and then shut it down.

You never know Facebook may continue to run Instagram as a separate service, however I think after a year it will probably cease to exist…

Google took Jaiku and Picnik, two excellent services, deprecated their functionality and integrated aspects into Google+ (probably Buzz and Wave too) however both services are now shut down.

Apple took Siri and integrated it into iOS and made it 4S only whereas before it worked with the 4 and 3GS.

13 #366photosTwitter bought out Tweetie and then created the Twitter app out of it.

Facebook bought Gowalla and integrated it into Facebook and then shut down the service.

I would be very surprised to see Instagram operating as it currently does after a year, if at all.

I do like Instagram, and I see it much more of a social app than a photographic app, there are many apps out there that do a significantly better job at image editing. However they lack the social aspect that you find in Instagram.

Ah well, one shouldn’t really think that things like this don’t happen and it does more often than I like, but that’s life I think.

How to edit the title and description when adding a link to Facebook

How to edit the title and description when adding a link to Facebook.

One of the issues when sharing links on Facebook is that sometimes the provided title and description don’t quite match to the content. It is quite easy (if not that obvious) to go in and edit the title and description.

Learners use Facebook to record evidence of work experience

Learners on the Preparing For Employment Programme (PREP) at Tyne Metropolitan College are using Facebook, the popular social networking website, to help them keep a diary while attending a work experience placement. The diary is used as evidence for this unit, which is part of the Certificate in Employability and Personal Development. Facebook also helps the tutor to keep in touch and be more involved with the learners while they are away from the College.

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There are e-safety issues with using Facebook in this way, however with adequate guidelines in place for both staff and students, and under the assumption that students will check Facebook more often than college provided tools, this will remind then of the curriculum need to keep a diary.

Personally I would prefer using Posterous which can either be used with e-mail, on the web, or using mobile apps, as it would be a little easier for learners to post photographs and video to an online diary. From a privacy perspective, in my opinion it is easier to lock down Posterous than it is Facebook streams.

National Unfriend Day

November 17th is National Unfriend Day.

Are all the people you are “friends” with on Facebook actually your friend?

Is it really important to know that the person you sat next to in A Level Economics had a coffee at their local Starbucks?

November 17th is National Unfriend Day, time to ensure that only your friends are your friends on Facebook.